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Artist | Student | Literature
United States
not much to say about me.

i live in Boise, Idaho.

i LOVE anime and video games.
as well as hanging out with the few friends i have.

i'm into several fandoms and i have a few people to thank for that.

TMNT/T-CEST fandom= :iconkamechuu:





  • Mood: Tired
  • Watching: TMNT
  • Playing: fallout new vegas
hello everyone
i hope you're all well.

was talking with a friend before my surgery and she mentioned i could make a journal here to help keep everyone posted about how my recovery is going. so i figured i've give it a shot. i'll try to update this journal every few days, so people know how i'm doing.

also let me just take a moment to thank everyone who gave me encouragement in my last journal.
thank you; it really helped.

DAY 1:
the surgery went fine. was at the hospital for about 4 hours.
they gave me some RELLLY nice 'happy juice' just before my surgery and it made me all giggly and happy.
had a pretty nice dream while i was out of it.
(mikey and I were chatting about how cute and sexy we both find donnieTMNT Donnie love and i apologized for making mikey go through all the stuff i put him through in my stories. he said it was fine so long as i make the lemon chapter i'm planning in the future really good. and he also mentioned that leatherhead also going into a kind of heat and maybe i should give him some attention too. so there's a possible story idea)

once i was able to stand, walk, and pee on my own the hospital let me go and mom drove me home.
after getting home i went to bed and was asleep for about 3 hours.
woke up, and then vomited. luckily i made it to the bathroom in time.
turns out the doctors were not able to use stitches because of where they made the incision so now i have about 15-ish staples in my lower back and butt, which is swollen and pretty numb.
(i thought about taking a picture and posting it but i didn't want to gross people out.)

the pain pills they gave me make me a nausious and that makes me sweat and shake pretty badly.
but so long as i take them with food those feelings are lessen a little.

had a bit of a scare the first night. woke up to go to the bathroom and i found the paper underwear i was wearing had a fair amount of blood on it.
but mom calmed me down and told me that the doctors had said it would bleed on and off for the next few days. still it REALLY freaked me out. i hate seeing my own blood.

i wont be able to sit down for a little while, so i'll have to stand when i go to school; but other than that i'm ok.


had school yesterday.
talked with the teacher and explained to her that i couldnt sit down in my chair or i'd risk popping my staples. she said fine but wasn;t super happy about it. so i leaned on the wall in the back of the classroom.

a lot of people kept asking my why i wasn;t sitting; and i didn;t want everyone to know i've had surgery so i told a little white lie and said i was performing a religious rite where i couldn;t sit for 7 days.
most people bought that.

the pains pills dont make me as nauseous anymore. but they do knock me on my ass. taking two of them reminds me of the time i did pot in high school.

but they have given me an idea for a one-shot story that i'm running with.
it'll be a lemon with a pretty cool conept (at least i think so) so i hope everyone will like it.
if you want to know more let me know.

work was not happy when i called them this morning and told me i wasn;t going to be able to work at all next week. but they can deal with it cause I bust my ass there everyday so they can deal with me not being there for 8 days.

i've yet to have any major pain.
i do get the occational twinge but it's nothing to bad.
right now my biggest concern is.......ok this might get a little TMI but i haven't had to go #2 in 2 days.
the doctor said the meds will make me constipated....but still.........
sorry if that was TMI

getting to school was kind of tricky, ended up having to lay down in the back of mom's SUV while she drove me there. luckily a friend was there to help me walk, since i was still VERY unsteady on my feet at that time.(i've since gotten better)

no much else is going on here.
just lazing around.


DAY 3:
oh man last night was a doozy.
not sure what happened.
i took my meds as usual, didn;t have anything out of the ordinary to eat or drink.
woke up at about 4 in the morning feeling like i'd eaten an entire pan of pot brownies.
the room was spinning, my body was tingling all over, my stomach felt both full and empty at the same time.
and i could have made myself throw up if i had thought about it for to long.

all i could do was shut my eyes and wait for it to stop.
i seriously couldn;t even think straight.
several times i found i was giggling without even realizing i was.

my poor doggy must have been so creeped out by me.

finally managed to force myself to go back to sleep at around 6am.

not sure what caused that whole bit.
but mom says maybe i should try taking a half dose of my pain meds from now on.
i think i agree with her, cause i dont want a repeat of last night.


DAY 4:
today was a bad day.
my back is killing me.
i couldn't do anything right.
everything i tried to write sucked
i acted like a selfi-bitch to :iconkamechuu:
(i'm so sorry chuu. *hug*)

and to top it all off i paid $55 for a video game that SUCKS

is it ok if i just want to hold my head under the water until i cant feel anything?
DAT 5: of my best friends says she doesn't want anything to do with me anymore.
but she wont tell me why or what's going on...........
why 'big sis' what did i do?


gameguy199 has started a donation pool!
3 / 5,000
just a little place to donate points if anyone is so inclined to do so.

not really sure what they are for, but i love getting them all the same.

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